When Stars Align

Heavenly Choir at Durham Government MLK Celebration

 I had a wonderful time over the past few days celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. with my former co-workers and watching the inaugural celebrations that coincided with the holiday. It was a very inspiring time and it sparked this small tribute to Dr. King and President Obama, straight from a Diva's Heart!

How divine, when stars align!
Celebrating on this day, the birth of a King
In the 50th year of the march for the justice he wished to bring
In the same time and space where it all took place,
His presence now stands tall to witness it all
As we, Black, White and the rainbow in between
Usher in, yet again, the manifest destiny of a dream!

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Congratulations President Barack Obama!

All Things New

Welcome to this wonderful new year! I would like to thank all of my friends, family and fans who supported me throughout 2012 and to say thanks for stopping by to those who are just beginning to explore what's on this diva's heart!

Last year, my writing was centered around the recovery of wounded hearts and how to overcome the scars of the past. While I may occasionally revisit these themes, 2013 will be all about the journey of discovering all things new, while taking care of each other's hearts along the way.

Looking ahead, I will also be working on the next chapter of The Divorcée Chronicles. I will post sneak peeks of Mikayla's journey into dating after divorce and her endeavors to teach those whom she encounters how to date a diva! In between my own posts, I will have guests dropping by with the male perspective to round it all out.

Here's to using the lessons learned from the past to build towards a brighter future. I pray that the new year will be prosperous and full of discovery for us all! This is coming to you...

Straight from a Diva's Heart!

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