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Reminisce 2017: A Diva's Year-in-Review

2017 has been truly been one for the books! It has been full of blessing and favor for my own work and I have had the honor of showing Diva Love to some wonderful best-selling and award-winning authors and poets. It has been a absolute delight to showcase the work of my fellow writers. I would like to thank them for coming through! If you missed any of their features, please feel free to scroll back through my previous posts and read all about them.

Here's a Diva Love Flashback!

I was also delighted to celebrate various milestones in my writing journey. This year marked the fifth anniversary of my debut novel, The Divorcee Chronicles: Diary of a Divorcee Diva, and the first anniversary of my wonderful collaboration with the ladies of Brown Girls Books, Single Mama Dating Drama, which made us #1 National Bestselling Authors. I also released Volume One of my poetry book, Straight from a Diva's Heart, which was voted as a Read Freely Top 100 Best Indie Book of 2017 out of over two…

Diva Love: Welcome Back, Tracee Lydia Garner!

Creative Expressions Literary Services is pleased to announce Virtual Book Tour for Fatal Opposition by Tracee Lydia Garner. The tour will run November 27-December 8, 2017. Author Name: Tracee Lydia Garner Book Title: Fatal Opposition Book Release Date: November 27, 2017 Genre: Multicultural, Inspirational, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Today, I am pleased to welcome back, Tracee Lydia Garner! Please enjoy this delightful interview. Have you always wanted to be an author?  
I had no idea stories were in me at all. The start of my journey starts with depression, flunking out of school, specifically community college math for liberal arts and an awful English teacher I did not like at all. In my college days, I just wasn't convinced I was going to make it and I remember one late night surfing on the computer, feeling down and I asked God for "something else". I wasn’t very specific, but I was crying and just calling out to him to help me improve my grades or give me a good job …

Support an Indie Poet!

 I was honored to have my poetry book shortlisted for the Read Freely Best Indie Books of 2017. Straight from a Diva's Heart  was selected from thousands of submissions to sit among the Top 100 nominations!

You can help me make the final cut. Just cast your vote below! Voting ends tonight.

Yes! Send 'Straight from a Diva's Heart' to the Top 50!
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Thank you,

Straight from a Diva's Heart!

Michelle Lynn Stephens is an Indie Poet and #1 Bestselling Author with Brown Girls Books. She has a heart for helping others and assisting them in sharing their vision with the world. Visit anytime at

Diva Love: Tonya Barbee

I have not had the pleasure of meeting today's guest in person, but I am delighted that she grew up in my hometown and she now lives in my second home, the DMV. Please help me welcome, Author Tonya Barbee!                                                                                                                                         

This is one of my stops during the two month tour for The Little Girl Inside: Owning My Role in My Own Pain by Tonya Barbee. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs October & November. Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL. Book Title: The Little Girl Inside: Owning My Role in My Own Pain 

ISBN-10: 0692564802
ISBN-13: 978-0692564806
Genre: Non-FictionTonya Barbee

About the Author
TONYA BARBEE is a novelist and aspiring playwright. Her most recent published work is titled, The Little Girl Inside Owning My Role in My Own Pain. She is currently working on another project that c…

Diva Love: Tyora Moody

Reed Family Tour

Today, please help me welcome award-winning author and literary sensation, Tyora Moody!

Thank you, Michelle for hosting me on A Diva’s Heart today. I want to thank your readers for stopping by today to learn about the Reed Family.

Currently there are three sisters features in three novellas, Broken Heart, Troubled Heart, and Relentless Heart. In 2018, I hope to continue the series with the brothers.

For the third and final week we will focus on the third book in the series, Relentless Heart. Below you will find a synopsis and an excerpt from the book.

Relentless: A Novella

Assistant District Attorney Asia Reed is relentless about not losing a case. But she’s fighting a losing battle in the faith department. Now approaching forty, never married and with no children, a growing sense of unease has made her weary about her career and life.
When a former boyfriend and prominent defense attorney is gunned down in his office, Asia is jolted into action, determined to find ou…

Diva Love: Unoma Nwankwor

I am delighted to host today's tour stop for award-winning international best-selling author Unoma Nwankwor!
Hello. I’m Excited. This is one of my stops during the one month tour for Sons of Ishmael Reintroduction Tour: The Danjuma Brothers by  Unoma Nwankwor. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs September 11 – October 5, 2017.  Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL Genre: Christian Fiction/Romance
A SCOOP OF LOVE~ SONS OF ISHMAEL BOOK I  The oldest of the Danjuma brothers, Rasheed was a self-made man. He’d learned at an early age that love and commitment brought with it complications he didn’t want to deal with. His single-minded focus had paid off. He was able to step into the shoes of his absentee father by taking care of his mother and twin brothers. But just when he thought he could stop carrying the weight of his family on his shoulders, he gets a call that could change the trajectory of Rasheed’s life. Ibiso Jaja, a …