Cover Story

When I wrote The Divorcée Chronicles: Diary of a Divorcée Diva, I was completely focused on the story.  I never even considered the cover. Once I needed it, I put a lot of thought into the picture, but had no idea how I wanted to frame it. So, I just chose a simple template that would highlight the picture. Fast forward a few years and a lot of research, I decided I wanted a larger and more creative font. I came across Ida of Amygdala Art, a designer with a striking portfolio, and asked her put her touch on the words.  I hope you enjoy the new design and the story behind the image.

Her eyes are closed as she reflects on her past, so that it will not affect the dreams of her future. The colors represent her journey of emergence from darkness to the light. Her shoulder is bared as a symbol of the naked truth that has saved her. Her beauty mark matches that of her grandmother and reminds her that she has the strength and support of her family. She delights in the beauty of the butterfly. She relates to its humble and lowly beginnings. Once moving slowly and crawling on the ground, with its life at the mercy of its surroundings and at risk of being trampled. Then suddenly, hidden away to be broken down and transformed into a new being. The struggle to break free is strengthening its wings, so that it may take to the sky. She had to die, so that she could fly.