We are in the midst of Women’s History Month and it all about empowerment! With all the negativity between women portrayed on television these days and being labeled as real, I would like to submit to you this one thing…..that’s not my reality! In my writing, I encourage women to be strong despite circumstance and to lean on each other. To never feel like you are alone in this thing called life. I would like to take this time to thank every female who has been there for me. From my great-grandmother and grandmothers to my mom, aunties, godmothers to that talented, blessed princess child of God, my niece! My sisters-in-Christ, line dance sisters, business and performance networking sisters, sisters I grew up with and sisters I have met further along the way. This is for you!
 I kicked off my Diva Love tribute on my website this month to recognize and reciprocate the support of the women who have been instrumental in launching my dreams. Not only have I been inspired and uplifted by these women who I know, but I have benefited from the kindness of strangers, as well. Women who have simply heard about me, or have seen me out there on the grind and felt a kinship, have garnered me with offers of assistance and words of encouragement. Such was the case with the newest member of my sister circle, Nicole, of Refours Boutique in Durham, NC. She will be offering some fabulous fashion this weekend at the Women’s Empowerment Expo in Raleigh and helping to spread the word about my novel, The Divorcée Chronicles: Diary of a Divorcée Diva. I thank my sisters. Now, go thank yours!

Thanks be to God for all women and to you I dedicate my latest work, Queen!

I’m not pristine
But still a man died to make me Queen
There’s been no recital
I was born to wear this title
You see I am the child of a King
I wear His armor beneath my gown
And righteousness is my highest crown
I don’t sweat the prize for He told me just reach for it
And in His time it will be mine
There’s no strife in my life
His burden is light
He lifts me up
Overflows my cup
Sets me upon a hill
With dreams and destiny fulfilled
I stepped in the furnace but came forth as gold
With riches untold
Not just the kind that you count
But you’ll figure it out
When you look me over and see no hint of smoke
No singe in my hair
No evidence that I’d ever been there
If you’re still baffled at what kept me alive
How I survived
It’s no wonder you see
He lives in me
And while the fire was blazing
He said with a voice so amazing
Oh, Princess Child of mine
Just trust and abide
Then as He opened the gate and gazed at me
He guaranteed that while it won’t be easy being royalty
You’ve passed the test, you’ve been set free
And one day you will be

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Image Courtesy of podpad/www.freedigitalphotos.net