Toni Shiloh: On Discovering Characters

Please tune in as my guest, Toni Shiloh, writes about how she discovers the characters for her fabulous works. Be sure to check out her new release below the post and get your copy!
  • Toni Shiloh

    “Who are You?”


    One of the first things I do when preparing to write a story is to discover who my characters are. I want to know everything about them! Of course, some are stubborn and refuse to share. Others are an open book and tell me all I need to know!


    When I wrote Finally A Sweetheart, the characters unveiled themselves pretty quickly. I knew that Felicity Edwards wanted a family, had a heartbreaking backstory, and loved God with all her heart. I picked her brain to find out what prevented her from her goal of having a family (you’ll have to read the story to find out what it is). I knew info about her parents, siblings, friends (my fellow authors shared that info). She told me her likes/dislikes, her strengths and weaknesses. All of this helped me know who she was so that when I told her story, I was merely the person transcribing.


    Knowing her personality also helped me find the right inspiration photo that went with the woman taking shape in my mind. Enter: Gugu Mbatha-Raw. She played Belle in the movie of the same title. She seemed to embody everything about my character. I could see the grace that I imagined Felicity had. Could see a little heartache in the eyes. When I saw her photo, it was a simple knowledge that she was Felicity.

    Then I moved on to the next character, my hero, Will Davenport. He also told me everything about himself. You don’t know how happy I was that the hero and heroine didn’t make it difficult for me.


    Will was an older brother and an owner of his own barbershop. But he’d been burned by love and that made him a little wary. Still, he willingly told me how much of his goals matched Felicity. He just didn’t know if that woman existed. (Cue happy writer) I immediately thought of an actor that also played a barber in the movie Barbershop. I searched for the perfect picture of Michael Ealy. Knowing I cast these two correctly allowed me to jump into writing my novella.


     Toni Shiloh
    is a wife, mom, and Christian fiction writer. Once she understood the powerful saving grace thanks to the love of Christ, she was moved to honor her Savior. She writes to bring Him glory and to learn more about His goodness.



    Love Is Only Business for 4 Wedding Planners


    Discover how keeping secrets from each other threatens four women’s friendships, wedding business, and own ability to find love in Loveland, Colorado.


    Business partners Felicity Anderson, the cake baker; Kiki Bell, the seamstress; Cassie Blackthorn, the coordinator; and Chef Saffron Fare are best of friends in a town that is a romantic wedding destination for many couples—who work together at Weddings by Design to make every bride’s special day perfect. Could each falling into their own romance be the key to working out their differences and learning to trust each other—and God—with their futures?

    Get your copy here!

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Write Now Literary is back with George Milton featuring Failure Is Not the Problem, It's the Beginning of Your Success. Please enjoy and be encouraged!

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-month book tour for Failure Is Not the Problem… It’s the Beginning of Your Success by George Milton. The book tour will run November 2- December 31, 2020.


Book Title: Failure Is Not The Problem, It's The Beginning Of Your Success           

Genre: Nonfiction/Leadership/Self-Help


ISBN-13 : 979-8617682412

Meet The Author


George Milton is the CEO of Failure Is Not The Problem, LLC, a consulting company that specializes in leadership development and training, life coaching, and motivational speaking. He is a United States Army Retired, Colonel who has over 30 years of experience as an internationally known Communicator, Coach, Mentor, Trainer Intuitive Counselor, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, TV Co-Host and Author. George connects with people of all ages on all levels. He is a former University Assistant Professor who has extensive experience working with the federal government but also has a tremendous background in working within city government and community organizations. In his role as a Senior Staff Officer at European Command in Stuttgart, Germany he routinely briefed and spoke with Ambassadors. He has experience speaking to and training foreign government officials and delivering oration to foreign public entities. As the Division Chief of the Civil Partnership Division, at European Command, he led on an annual basis, a group of staff members to Oxford University, in Oxford, England on a two week trip to study and learn how to properly” Partner” with civilian agencies in support of military organizations.


George Milton’s straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy, motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations and into their greatness in many ways. Over the past decade, George has used his role from keynote speaker to Master Trainer, creating the kind of workshop learning experience that got him committed to personal-and-professional development. His charisma, warmth and humor have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary achievers by using his own life, and his in-depth study of others’ challenges, to build an understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and why.


He is a Certified Trainer in Success Principles, successfully completing the competency examination, and adoption of the Canfield Code of Ethics.

About The Book


What would you do if you had a revolutionary resource to help you become a successful leader, reach your goals, make your life better and propel you to become all that you are meant to be?


Sounds impossible? Well, it is not! In the “impossible” is the “possible.” And if you want the possibility of becoming successful, United States Army Retired Colonel, George Milton’s book, Failure Is Not The Problem, It’s The Beginning Of Your Success is a must read. Most leadership books major themes discuss how to achieve success only, but in life we all fail sometimes. And a lot of us fail miserably and oftentimes, more than we care to mention.


Throughout my life I have faced multiple failures over many years, yet I went on to achieve most of the goals I set for myself. It wasn’t always that way. In the beginning of my life failure hung over my head like an albatross around my neck. It wasn’t until I learned how to accept my failures and use those experiences to make myself better that I began to understand the value that my failure offered.


Too often we have been taught that failure has little or no value. We learn how to minimally tolerate our failure most times but not how to fully embrace our failures because of the negativity associated with that one powerful word.


I wrote my book, workbook and journal in order to help those who are struggling with failure learn a better way of becoming successful. The topic is failure, but the goal for my readers is to learn how to become successful by utilizing their failures as their strength and not experience failure as a weakness as most have been taught.


If you want to succeed you must walk through the doorway of this life changing resource, failure. In my book I address the challenges of adversity and how failure can motivate you, focus you, and change your life for the better.


In my book I share my story of growth from a difficult youth to a distinguished career Army combat officer. I share that it was only possible because I changed and adjusted my attitude to understand that my failures were actually my greatest resource. Not only do I reveal personal triumphs and defeats,


I demonstrate how in 12 easy to follow steps, you can transform your mindset from negative to positive regarding failure and in the process become successful.


Failure is a very difficult topic for most people to talk about and share. Therefore, not only did I write a book, but I also wrote a workbook and a journal to accompany my book so as to ease the challenge of approaching this sometimes-complex topic.


When I speak to people about their failures, I will sometimes present to the audience this one question, “when you fail, in one word, describe how that failure makes you feel.” Overwhelmingly there are two words that are at the forefront: disappointed and depressed.


The time has come for us to turn the page and reengage that one word, failure, and understand that once we learn how to accept our failures as a natural part of our lives, we will be able to not only achieve our life’s goals, but will be better equipped to live a more productive and happier life.


It is my hope that anyone who reads my book or finds the courage to go through the workbook and journal will understand that if they genuinely want to become successful and obtain their long sought-after goals and ambitions, they will learn how to embrace their failures as well as learn the important lessons and nuggets that failure has instore for them.


Here is a formula I came up with to remind myself of how to respond to my failures.




Failure + Right Response = Success


In other words, when I fail, if I respond to my failure with the right response, to learn, to get better, to change my direction in life, to change my goals, then my chances of obtaining my objectives and successes will increase. Versus, blaming or making excuses and worst case, quitting.


Join me on this quest to change the world and impact the lives of people everywhere by helping them change their mindset to accept, understand, and learn that failure, when responded to properly is their greatest resource to help them become all that they are meant to be.

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Diva Love: Create AnewU-Healthy Creations



 Please help me welcome Write Now Literary and Dr. Kathleen B. Oden today!

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour for Create Anewu Healthy Creation by Dr. Kathleen B. Oden.  The book tour will run December 7- 18, 2020.

Genre: Nonfiction


ISBN-10 : 1541036301

ISBN-13 : 978-1541036307





Dr. Kathleen B. Oden is an author, missionary and Bible teacher, at God's House of Refuge Church & School of Evangelism. She attained a Doctorate degree in Christian Theology in 2000. After a bad fall in 2014, she realized that she had to start eating healthy, in order to fully recover. She became a Certified Health Minister and God gave her a ministry called, Create AnewU Health Ministry. She loves ministering to people and her health ministry has opened the door for her to share what the WORD OF GOD has to say, about eating healthy food. Dr. Oden has published over 20 books through and several of them are about health and wellness. 




Eating healthy does not or should not mean giving up eating tasty food! HEALTHY CREATIONS will teach you how to revise and/or re-create your favorite dishes that you know and love!





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Diva Love: Dream Again


Please enjoy this interview with today's featured author, Ann Marie Bryan. Be sure to check out her latest release, Dream Again. It is a delightful story of finding the courage to love again and it will take you to church. Ann Marie always delivers!


By Ann Marie Bryan



Tell me about your latest release.


Last year, my mom passed, so it was a year of grieving and adjusting for me and my siblings. For me, writing tends to be therapeutic, so I wanted to write a story about someone who suffered the loss of a parent. I wrapped that experience in a beautiful love story, Dream Again, which gives hope while showing the awesome power of God in the lives of two hurting people.


This story brings together love, forgiveness, restoration, and new beginnings, while illustrating God’s desire to free people from life-altering events that haunt them. In this novel, readers will witness the incredible transformative power of love in the lives of Carter McIntosh and Gianna Barrett as they lift their faith and develop the courage and tenacity to leave the past behind. Will love bloom? Let the adventure begin.


Who is your favorite character in the book and why?


I enjoyed writing the hero, Carter McIntosh. He’s a physically appealing, intelligent, sensitive soul. I admire his relationship with the Lord. Carter has been through murky waters but by the grace of God, he came out on top and continues to flourish.

What would be the Scripture verse that fits your story and why?

The perfect Scripture that would fit Dream Again is Romans 8:28 (KJV), “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”


There are many situations in our lives that we cannot fix or change. Nevertheless, we must press forward. We can think about our challenges in many ways, but we must remember that all things are working for our good. The truth is, we are still standing and that’s something to celebrate. We’re here because God wants us to be here and because we still have a lot to contribute to the world.


Is there a message in your book that you want your readers to grasp?


I hope readers will be inspired to trust God’s heart. Importantly, I want to remind readers that love is a beautiful emotion, and it is okay to love passionately, very passionately. However, loving someone is never as easy as we would like it to be. Keep in mind that, “Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 (NKJV)


Above all, I pray that readers will recognize that having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes a great difference. I’m hoping that this story will encourage readers, not to put God in a box.  God will come through in due season. Sometimes, God takes us out of our comfort zone to stretch us and show us that we can accomplish far more than we think.  


What is the hardest thing about writing for you?


Writing can be a formidable task, but for the most part, I enjoy polishing my sentences until they feel right and compelling enough to capture the interest of readers. I’m always on a mission to make my upcoming release better than my last release. Also, I’m bent on introducing my readers to something that I have not written about in my previous books.


What do you see as the most important advice you could offer a new writer?


·         Determine why you desire to write. Do research to obtain information on how you can best leverage your knowledge and abilities to fulfill your dream of writing. Benchmark against the best in the area of your writing assignment. Nevertheless, be a trend setter. Do not be afraid to break new ground.  


·         Create an author platform to connect with readers. Be enthusiastic about your book. Celebrate the milestones you have achieved during the process of completing your book. Stay expectant. Trust God. He will bring it to pass.


What's next for you?


On August 20, 2020, I released Dream Again which is Book 1 in the McIntosh Brothers series. I’m now writing Book 2 – Love Again. In addition, I’m hoping to collaborate with a few authors on projects and events.


Back Cover Description


One random day. One burst of laughter. One perfect moment. That’s all it takes for Gianna Barrett to capture Carter McIntosh’s attention—and his heart. His whole life has been a series of miracles, so this falls right in line. If only it were that simple. The object of his desire refuses to give him the time of day. Not deterred, Carter is sure he’s ready to put his heart on the line for love. Big mistake. He isn’t quite prepared and finds himself wrestling a soul-deep hurt into submission.


“There has been an accident....”


That devastating revelation shattered Gianna’s life, and in that one chaotic moment, everything she had was taken away. She has spent years carefully crafting her new normal, so there is no way Carter can just insert himself into her life. The fight is on but not for long. Their attraction is instant, and before she knows it, all her cynicism goes out the door.


When Gianna learns more about Carter’s life, she gets a better understanding of her beginning. As she starts her journey to healing, she uncovers Carter’s startling secret. In the days that follow, she struggles with feelings of regret, fueling her natural tendency to retreat. But the flames of desire burn hot and it’s not easy to break their unexpected connection. As the past reaches for them, they soon realize that to move forward, they must look back. Will they allow God to be the anchor they so desperately need—before it’s too late? For all they ever wanted was to be loved.


Purchase here on Amazon:


About Ann Marie:


Ann Marie Bryan is a dedicated multi-talented leader with a passion for excellence. She is the CEO and Founder of Victorious By Design, an organization committed to providing top quality professional writing services, comprehensive personal and professional development programs and exceptional performing arts services to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations.


A Christian Fiction author, Ann Marie writes to educate, inspire and empower others. She desires to tell great stories with fascinating characters to show the awesome power of God in the lives of people and places. Her celebrated bestselling Encounters of the Heart series, blend faith and romance that test the resilience of love.


Ann Marie's greatest passion is to empower others to succeed by tapping into their God-given potential. She enjoys writing, reading, dancing, teaching, meeting people and traveling. With all the knowledge and experiences that God has so graciously blessed her with, Ann Marie is determined to make her life a ministry for the Lord.


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COVID-19 and Toxic Worry

COVID-19 concerns about sickness, unemployment, death and overall uncertainty are causing major depression, anxiety and toxic worry.

What is toxic worrying?

Worry is a natural emotion and in some situations, it can help us be more productive. However, if you find yourself excessively worrying over everything in your life, it can have a significant negative impact on your health.

Toxic worrying can take over your day-to-day life. If left untreated, it can also cause you to become ill. So, what exactly is toxic worrying and how can it impact your life? Below, you’ll discover everything you need to know.

How does it impact you?

You’ll worry excessively which in turn, can lead to several health and well-being issues.

With normal worries, you’ll be aware of them, but you’ll still manage to control the situation. With toxic worries, it’s they replay over and over in a cycle. They are continuous and prevent you from taking action to solve the problem.

So, toxic worrying is a type of worry that you can’t control, and it often takes over your life.

Why does it happen?

There are a lot of things that can contribute to toxic worrying. 

Feeling insecure and vulnerable is one of the most common. The more vulnerable you feel, the more you’ll worry about the things around you. 

Similarly, if you feel like you don’t have control over a situation, it can lead to a lot of distress, frustration and worry.

Of course, there is also the fact that negativity breeds negativity. So, the more you worry, the bigger those worries will become. Toxic worrying often starts out as healthy worry. Then, the more you focus and concentrate on your worries, the bigger they start to become until they eventually take over.

Toxic worrying can also be a sign of a more severe anxiety disorder.  
Finally, stress can play a major role in worry. The more stressed you become, the worse your worries will be.

How can it impact your life?

The trouble with toxic worrying, is that the longer the worry continues, the worse the side effects will be.

You’ll start to notice your physical health is slowly deteriorating. Toxic worrying may lead to issues with headaches, nausea, dizziness and stomach aches. Many people are unaware that high levels of worry and stress can have a drastic impact on their physical health. It reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, leading to other illnesses.

In addition to the above-named physical symptoms, you may struggle to fall asleep, or you may have trouble staying asleep. The minute you wake up you’ll also find your mind goes straight to worry.
Fatigue is another common symptom. When you spend so much time worrying, it starts to wear you out mentally. This can leave you feeling constantly tired, particularly if you’re also having trouble sleeping.

In extreme cases, toxic worrying can cause you to avoid things while attempting to reduce the worry. When it starts to interfere with your daily life, that’s when you need to look into how to manage it.

These are just some of the ways toxic worrying can impact your life. The longer it is left untreated, the worse it will become. Therefore, identifying the signs of toxic worry and taking steps to combat the issue is crucial for your health and well-being.

Journaling is a great way to begin to combat toxic worry. Consider recording your thoughts in a blank journal from my black and gold collection  or a guided prayer journal such as these available in my storefront

My prayers are with you in these worrisome times. Thanks for stopping by.