Purple Reign

Woke up with you on mind

Watched the angels flying by

Painting purple in the sky

I haven't written much lately. My two-year-old has assured it. I'm a night owl by nature, but she often awakens me before the sun. At least I get to see the sunrise, albeit with one eye open. The colors are amazing. I've seen a lot of Cotton Candy and Carolina Blue, but yesterday before I even looked outside, I caught glimpse of a purple hue over Washington Nationals Park between the blinds. I rubbed my eyes, thinking I was dreaming of Prince since the media is flooded with his favorite color, in memoriam. Nope, still purple. On top of that, the clouds looked like angels flying over and Prince's hometown Minnesota Twins were in town. Awesome.  

I came of age during the 'Purple Reign' when Prince dominated radio, stage and screen. He was one of my first artistic inspirations. My friends and I memorized his dance routines and internalized his lyrics about life, love and loss.Thirty years later he was still going strong as a musical genius, songwriter, champion for artists' rights and humanitarian.  No wonder the world is adorned in purple right now. How befitting that the heavens felt obliged to do the same. Rest in peace, Sweet Prince.

A Diva's Heart

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